Stucco Damage in Swarthmore

4 Warning Signs of Stucco Damage in Swarthmore


If you live in Southeast Pennsylvania, then you are no stranger to the stucco issues that have plagued homes in the area. Homeowners that have previously sported the well-known siding are quickly turning to replace their homes with different types of materials in light of the recent problems. Some homeowners are yet to take the plunge, however. If you live in a home with stucco siding and would like to investigate your controversial siding before you hire a professional to take a look, then keeping reading for the most common warning signs of stucco damage


  1. Cracked or Discolored Stucco


When you look at your stucco, do you see any areas that are cracking or turning black? Thin or long cracks, heavy staining, bulges in the wall, and missing stucco are some of the most common signs that your stucco is damaged. Stucco discoloration is another likely sign that you need to call a professional for repair or replacement services.


  1. Unusual Leaks in Your Home


If you have ever experienced a leak in your home that wasn’t due to plumbing problems, then it is likely that it was caused by your home’s stucco siding. When excess moisture penetrates your stucco, you can see the effects of the water damage through your ceilings and walls. Mold growth and cracks can accompany stucco-related leaks, so be sure to check for those warning signs as well. 


  1. Missing Caulking Around Windows and Doors


As you are checking the exterior of your home for any signs of stucco damage, be sure to check the caulking in your windows and doors while you’re at it. It is common for caulking to deteriorate over the years as it experiences some wear and tear. However, if you have stucco siding, missing caulking can allow excess moisture to penetrate your stucco and lead to water damage. 


  1. Signs of Rotting in Your Exteriors


It is important to not forget about the fixtures of your exterior walls when looking for signs of stucco damage, too. This includes areas such as your windows and doors. When investigating these areas, look for signs of rotting stucco, which will present itself as dark spots, stains, cracks, missing pieces, and even a wet, rotting smell. 


Stucco Repair and Restoration with Chimney Cricket


Now that you understand the most common signs of stucco damage, you may find yourself wondering “who are the best stucco contractors near me?”. If you live in Swarthmore or the surrounding area, then finding signs of stucco damage is no reason to worry thanks to the experts at Chimney Cricket. Whether you are interested in stucco repair or restoration, we have the expertise and experience to do both at fair and competitive prices. If you are interested in solving your home’s stucco problems once and for all, contact Chimney Cricket today to schedule an appointment! We can’t wait to work with you and help you get your home’s siding back on track!

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