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key·stone /ˈkēˌstōn/ noun

  1. a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together.


Chimney Cricket was founded nearly 30 years ago by a local mason named Phil Taggart, who had a passion for both masonry and thermodynamics. Phil was first trained as a mason’s helper in 1968 and spent two decades building fireplaces and chimneys all around Delaware County and the Philadelphia area. In the 80’s he came across an article written by “Sooty Bob” Daniels, extolling the many rewards of the growing chimney sweep industry. Seeing the opportunity to grow his masonry business, Phil visited a cousin in Gettysburg, PA who was already running a successful chimney service company. Soon after, Chimney Cricket, Inc. was launched right here in Delaware County.

Phil’s extensive background in masonry chimney construction became the keystone of Chimney Cricket. Even though the industry lacked formal standards and licensing until 2001, the combination of Phil’s

master-level craftsmanship and a solid grasp of thermodynamics enabled his team to provide sensible, enduring, and cost-effective solutions for almost any chimney-related problem. Over the years this uncommon expertise has set Chimney Cricket apart from other chimney service companies. Whether a homeowner wants a new fireplace built from scratch, chooses to restore the functionality of an existing fireplace or chimney, or decides to retrofit a gas unit, the Chimney Cricket team can handle any hearth or chimney job from start to finish.


After 50 years in the industry, Phil is now happily enjoying a well-earned retirement. Now under the direction of Phil’s daughter, Rebecca, and her husband Peter Beardsley, Chimney Cricket is one of the leading chimney repair and hearth service companies in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Chester Counties. We continue to enhance our customer’s hearth and chimney experience while providing an engaging place of employment for a growing team of expert tradesman and customer care professionals.

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