Chimney Inspection

As we approach the winter months, the only thing on our mind is sitting by a cozy, warm fireplace on a cold night, wrapped up in the thickest of blankets. Before we can enjoy these types of nights, however, something crucial must first take place: a chimney inspection. There are many reasons as to why one might need a chimney inspection – purchasing a new home, insurance claims, weird smells coming from your fireplace – but the truth is, you should really be getting your chimney inspected once a year. A chimney inspection can prevent fatal house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning due to a build-up of creosote. Being proactive and scheduling your yearly chimney inspection can be the difference between life or death for you and your family. An inspection can also set you up for a successful season filled with nights by a clean fire!

Who to Call for a Chimney Inspection


If we’ve convinced you to schedule a fireplace inspection, then you’re probably wondering who to call. Chimney Cricket is the area’s go-to masonry company for all things fireplace maintenance. We are a passionate family-owned and operated company that has been providing the community with expert chimney services for over 35 years. Our service areas include:

  • Delaware County, PA
  • Chester County, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA

Chimney Inspections With Chimney Cricket


Why should you choose Chimney Cricket for your fireplace inspection? First and foremost, we have the certifications and experience to provide you with the most thorough chimney inspection. We have years of experience inspecting chimneys of all kinds, including fireplaces that vent oil, wood, and gas-burning appliances. We are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and our team receives continuous education and training to further their skills. Our fireplace maintenance services are performed using only the latest and greatest equipment to ensure the best results possible. 

Expert Services at a Fair Price


With Chimney Cricket, chimney maintenance doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our services are reliable and are priced at fair and competitive rates. Once your chimney inspection is finished, our team will provide you with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for the next steps. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure our customers venting systems are safe, clean, and efficient. 

Schedule Your Chimney Inspection With Chimney Cricket Today!


Annual chimney inspections are crucial in preventing dangerous accidents and setting you up for a successful and warm winter by the fireplace. Chimney Cricket can provide you with the most thorough inspection and best customer service all at a fair price. If you haven’t scheduled your yearly chimney inspection, contact Chimney Cricket today to get started! We also provide chimney sweeping and chimney repair and restoration services to help you continue your fireplace maintenance journey. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services and we will get back to you in a timely manner. We look forward to working with you and making your chimney as safe as possible!

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