Your chimney is constructed of a variety of masonry materials including brick, mortar, stone, concrete, & stucco. All of these materials are affected by water and moisture and need maintenance and repair as they deteriorate over time.

Stucco Repair & Restoration

Stucco is a durable form of plaster cladding that is very long lasting, as long as it is maintained well. At the first sign of cracks and deterioration repairs should be done to maintain its water barrier. Once breeches are widespread however, more substantial repairs or even complete replacement or recoating must be done. For a traditional stucco installation, damaged material is removed and a water barrier is installed, then wire lathe is attached and three coats of hardcoat stucco is applied. It is important to note that it is impossible to match new stucco to weathered stucco. However, there are many color options to choose from if the entire surface is recoated. There are also cost-effective elastomeric acrylic solutions available that provide a durable, pre-colored, mildew and surface crack-resistant coating. Let our team discuss surface coating solutions with you.

Brick & Stone Pointing

Pennsylvania is known for its beautiful brick and stone homes and chimneys. The local effects of acid rain and freeze-thaw cycling takes its toll on even these long-standing hallmarks. Do you see chipping bricks, holes or flaking or disintegrating mortar? On the chimney exterior, our team of experienced masons can cut out unsightly patches or deteriorated mortar to provide the best bonding for new mortar. Then neat, tight joints can be struck. Don’t trust your masonry repair to just anyone. Make sure the team you hire knows the science of a proper mortar mix that will stand the test of time. Let our master-level craftsman expertly restore or rebuild your chimney and fireplace surfaces, inside and out.

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Cracked or Crumbling Crowns

A chimney crown should be designed to shed water away from the flue openings. Cracks in the crown let water seep down into the chimney structure and eventually into the home itself. As soon as cracks are visible, steps should be taken to restore its integrity. Chimney Cricket can rebuild the crown wash then apply an elastomeric coating designed for chimney crowns to keep out water or cast a premium concrete crown that will last generations.

Chimney Rebuilds & Restoration

Sometimes a chimney is struck down in a storm or is so deteriorated that for safety’s sake it must be demolished. Our expert masons can work with you on the design and restoration/construction of your masonry fireplace or chimney to, not only meet the requirements of local and national building codes, but to enhance the character and enjoyment of your home.

Firebox Repairs

The firebox is an integral part of a fireplace. It is the box that contains the fire so it must be able to withstand the heat. If constructed properly, with specially rated firebrick and mortar, tight joints, and proper clearance to combustibles, the firebrick can take the heat. Over time, though the joints fail from constant heat exposure and the accompanying expansion and contraction. Cracks and gaps in the firebox should be repaired before any further burning by repointing or rebuilding with appropriate materials to match the original or give it a makeover for a fresh new look.

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