• old chimneys
    We buy and sell homes today with little to no thought as to the condition or suitability of chimneys and fireplaces for use. We often don’t have them inspected only to be surprised when problems arise or they fail subsequent inspections. Owners are angered they got stuck with an expensive
  • exterior repairs
    We hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and staying safe. We wanted to check in with an update, and to see how things are going with you. With COVID-19 has come an unprecedented time in our country. Social distancing has become the current reality and for many,
  • COVID-19
      Chimney Cricket takes this pandemic very seriously. We want to update our customers on our response to this emergency, what services are still available and how we can still assist many of you until we are allowed to resume full operations. We accept the findings and recommendations of the
  • heater reline with crown restoration
    Location: Chester, PA Job Details: Heater Reline with a custom-built crown and top tile installation. Occasionally, we cannot get permission to complete work on both sides of a shared chimney. In this case we had to rebuild the crown for only our customer’s half of the chimney in order to
  • Water and Your Masonry Chimney The chimney is one of the most taken-for-granted parts of a home. Typically it tends to receive neither the attention nor the concern usually accorded other household service systems. The fact that chimneys may do their job reasonably well, even when abused or neglected, contributes
  • Chimney Fire Safety Keep the Fire You Want from Starting One You Don’t Chimney fires don’t have to happen. Here are some ways to avoid them: Have your chimney inspected annually by a Certified Master Sweep and cleaned when necessary. Use seasoned woods only (dryness is more important than hard
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