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Why choose Chimney Cricket? Simple. We love chimneys! We are more than certified sweeps, inspectors, and masons. Each of our technicians share a passion for their work. We love the challenge of troubleshooting chimney problems and enjoy restoring masonry chimneys.

Family Owned & Operated

Chimney Cricket was founded nearly 30 years ago by a local mason named Phil Taggart, who had a passion for both masonry and thermodynamics. Phil was first trained as a mason’s helper in 1968 and spent two decades building fireplaces and chimneys all around Delaware County and the Philadelphia area.


We Love Our Customers!

We’ve been serving the area for over 35 years. Our customers come back year after year because we pride ourselves in thrilling them with professional, comprehensive and reliable services at fair and competitive rates. Our clear and descriptive inspection reports and detailed proposals make thinking about your chimney easy.


Enough about us. How can we help YOU today?

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