Chimney Sweeping

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Chimney Sweeping Services

Sweeping your chimney flue is a crucial part of home maintenance that ensures that your chimney flue does not accumulate harmful creosote. Creosote is toxic and can create a fire hazard if not regularly swept out. If you are a particularly light user this maintenance schedule can be extended to 18 months. For heavy users we recommend that the flue be swept after each cord of wood burned. Sooty odors in the home can also indicate the need for a sweep.


The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that homeowners have their flues swept and inspected annually.

A Typical Residential Sweep Service

We schedule our appointments in a 2 hour arrival window to ensure timely service.

  • Upon arrival our technician will review with you the planned service for the day.
  • A thorough and dust-free sweep is performed, typically from the bottom-up. We find that bottom-up sweeping is the safest and most efficient method. We use a variety of brushes to suit the particular needs of your system, including poly and metal brushes and even mechanical processes. All excess creosote and debris is removed from the flue.
  • After sweeping the system, we do a thorough inspection of the chimney looking for safety problems or issues that could prevent peak performance.
  • Before we leave we review our findings with you and provide a written inspection report detailing our findings.
  • At your request, we can also provide a written proposal for any needed repairs.

We have maintenance services available to meet the needs of any residential system, including:

  • Annual Pre-Scheduled Sweep and Inspection Service
  • Fireplace Sweeps (All of our sweeps include a Level 1 Inspection and written report. A full color, digital photo report is also available upon request at an additional charge. Proposals are provided at your request at no additional charge.)
  • Heater Flue Sweeps (including heater smoke pipe sweeps)
  • Freestanding Stove Flue Sweeps
  • Stove Insert Flue Sweeps
  • We also have service plans for apartment complexes, institutions and other local businesses. Contact us for additional information.

As well as:

  • Level I Inspections – Routine visual inspection of all readily accessible areas of the chimney.
  • Level II Inspections – Video Scan flues and inspection of accessible areas, including attic and crawl space areas.
  • Level III Inspections – Invasive inspection including the disassembly of areas of the chimney as required.

Call today to ensure your Fireplace and Heating Appliances are venting safely.

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Commercial Sweep Service

We also have maintenance services available to meet the needs of commercial systems. We currently have service contracts covering local Restaurants, Educational Institutions, Apartment Buildings, Churches and other facilities around the Delaware County and Philadelphia area. Ask to speak to a service technician today to see how we can help you maintain these systems for greater efficiency and safety for your clients.

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