Buy local

Buy local

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I’m sure you’ve heard by now of the many benefits of buying your produce and other goods locally, but did you know that purchasing firewood from even a couple of counties away can make a critical difference to the forests in your area? Listen to some great advice from the Chimney Safety Institute of America on where to buy your firewood this year and why you should buy local.

“The fact is that a growing number of pests threaten our forests, but only with the help of humans, who are often the unwitting accomplices in the spread of invasive tree pests. is a great resource for better understanding the threat posed by pests and the important role we can play in dramatically reducing the threat.

The bottom line is that the firewood you plan to burn should be local, which means it should come from your community. Ideally, it’s wood that was harvested within 10 miles of your fire site, but definitely no more than 50 miles away.

Burning local means you won’t be introducing a new pest to a new environment, possibly creating new infestations with the potential to ruin healthy forests…The National Firewood Association can help you locate a reliable, local firewood seller.”

Where does your firewood stockpile come from? Do you know any local firewood providers that you would recommend to our fellow readers?

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