Why Every Home Needs a Carbon Monoxide Detector in Ardmore

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that is produced when you burn gasoline, wood, propane, charcoal or other types of fuels. Since it is undetectable by humans, carbon monoxide detectors will scan your house for carbon monoxide and alert you when it is present. However, you may be wondering, why do you need a carbon monoxide detector? Below, we’re breaking down the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and why every home needs a carbon monoxide detector. 


Why Do You Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?


The first reason why every home needs a carbon monoxide detector is that carbon monoxide poisoning can kill you. It is often referred to as the “silent killer” because most people are unaware that they have a carbon monoxide leak in their home before it kills them. In the United States, more than 400 people die and 5,000 people are injured from carbon monoxide poisoning each year. Oftentimes, people do not realize they are experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning because of the general flu-like symptoms. Sometimes, people are not able to recognize the symptoms because they are sleeping, which can be very deadly. 


Because there are so many places in a home that can cause a carbon monoxide leak, it is important to always have a carbon monoxide detector. Appliances like charcoal grills, fireplaces, wood stoves, gas dryers, gas stoves, gas water heaters, fuel-fired furnaces, and cars are all hotspots for potential carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have any of these appliances in your home or keep your car in a garage, it is a good idea to purchase a carbon monoxide detector. 


Carbon Monoxide Detector From Chimney Cricket


Keeping an effective carbon monoxide detector in your home at all times is crucial to keeping you and your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. If you are looking for the best carbon monoxide detector in Ardmore or the surrounding areas, then Chimney Cricket is here to help! Unlike most carbon monoxide detectors on the market, Chimney Cricket’s CO alarms will alert you before carbon monoxide levels become too high and deadly. Our team will install CO alarms on every floor of your home or building to ensure proper detection is present in all spaces. We also install our alarms close to rooms where people sleep, as carbon monoxide poisoning is most dangerous when resting. To decrease the risk of poisoning even further, our team will inspect your heating appliances, fireplaces, and chimney every year to identify any problems before an accident or injury occurs. 


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Chimney Cricket is your go-to for local carbon monoxide installation services. Our training, certifications, experience, and high-quality products make us more than qualified to protect you from this dangerous gas. If you are interested in our carbon monoxide prevention services and products, contact us today or schedule an appointment to get started. Protect yourself and your family from the silent killer before it is too late!

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