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If you’re a homeowner who has a fireplace, you’re likely aware of the serious risk that they pose if not taken care of. Incidents that can occur from a fireplace that is not maintained can include anything from a fire to carbon monoxide poisoning which can lead to death. 


Chimney Maintenance Should Be A Top Priority 

It is suggested that you have your chimney inspected every year. Those who do not use their fireplace too often can push this annual inspection to about eighteen months, but we do not suggest waiting any longer than that! When it comes to identifying what the signs are for chimney problems, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts know exactly what to look for to make sure that your home is safe. 


Top Signs of Chimney Problems to Look Out For:

  1. White Staining: If you see white staining around your fireplace, this means that you have excess moisture in the masonry which is called efflorescence. This is a moisture problem that will only get worse over time if not treated properly. It can also cause premature deterioration of the chimney.
  2. Signs of Rust: Whenever you see rust, you know that again there is excess moisture.  Particularly, you want to make sure that there is no rust on the firebox or damper. Rust in those places can also mean that your flue tiles or lining have been damaged. 
  3. Wallpaper That Appears Damaged: If the wallpaper around the chimney looks like it is pulling apart or damaged in any way, this could also be a sign of excess moisture in the chimney and needs to be addressed immediately.
  4. Spalling: When masonry begins to fall off the fireplace, it often falls to the floor around the fireplace. This is an obvious sign that there is moisture building up because the moisture causes the material to start to fall off. This is a sign that is not only dangerous because of the moisture build-up, but also because it is a sign that the structure itself could be deteriorating.
  5. Mortar-Joint Deterioration: A mortar-joint is the space between bricks, rocks or concrete blocks in masonry work. When you see signs that the mortar-joints are deteriorating this is a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately or your entire fireplace could collapse.
  6. Damage to the Chimney Crown: The chimney crown which sits atop of your chimney is very important because it defends your chimney from harsh weather conditions. If there is damage to the chimney crown, water can get in which causes all of the issues we’ve discussed above.


Look No Further Than Chimney Cricket

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