Cast in Place Liners

For Historic chimney restoration the “cast-in-place” technique is the chosen approach that simultaneously maintains the historic nature of the time and materials of the building while making the chimney safe structurally and fire resistant. Philadelphia and the mainline has some of the most unique chimneys in the world. The preservation of these structures for safety and function is a work that Chimney Cricket is proud to be apart of in the cradle of Liberty.

The cast-in-place technique is the safest chimney solution to historic homes that have masonry chimneys. The Guardian chimney liner is a restoration process that makes restores the chimney flue to a standard that allows for optimal performance for the fireplace. The unknown master sculptors in Philadelpia are working in the smoke chamber of your fireplace, sculpting chimney flues to take advantage of laminar air effect which makes for home hearth experience that is efficient and safe.

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The Guardian Chimney Liner® is tested and listed to UL 1777 by accredited laboratory, Guardian Fire Testing Laboratory, Inc. Additionally, the Guardian Chimney Liner® is the only chimney liner in the United States to be certified by the International Code Council Evaluation Services (Report # ESR-2672) as compliant with the 2018 International Building Code, 2018 International Residential Code, and the 2018 International Mechanical Code. These Building Codes are subscribed by the City of Philadelphia and most townships on the main line.

The proprietary formula of the Guardian Chimney Liner® material provides an insulating, refractory compound that is the only chimney liner approved for zero-clearance specifications with 3/4″ liner thickness. This break-through approval is especially critical when the available flue area will only allow a 3/4″ liner. Consequently, when the area within the chimney is limited, the Guardian 3/4″ minimum liner thickness allows you to line the chimney when our competitors cannot legally do so, since their minimum poured liner thickness is 1″ to 1 ½”. Furthermore, the Guardian 3/4″ standard ensures all installations will meet zero-clearance specifications. The National Fire Protection Agency is strongly considering a mandate requiring that all chimney restoration methods comply with zero-clearance specifications. No problem!

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