Gas Appliance Service in Wayne

Three Signs Your Gas Appliances Need Professional Servicing in Wayne

Do You Have A Gas Fireplace That Chimney Cricket Installed In Your Home?


If you’re a homeowner in Wayne, chances are you have gas appliances such as a gas fireplace, gas stove, or gas water heater. The team at Chimney Cricket services many gas fireplaces every year and we can tell you from experience that it’s integral to maintain regular service checks. There are many benefits to having a gas fireplace, but it’s important to be aware of the safety risks involved so that you can make sure your family and your home remain safe.


Gas Appliance Maintenance Is Important!


One of the key factors in keeping your home safe from the possibilities of what gas appliances (such as gas fireplaces) can do is to ensure regular maintenance. While you think this may be an obvious task to keep track of, many homeowners, unfortunately, can easily forget when the last time their gas appliances were properly serviced. 


Check out these three signs to look out for so that you know when your gas appliances that were originally installed by Chimney Cricket need to be professionally serviced below. 


  1. Do your appliances struggle to start? If they do, this could be a sign of a blockage.
  2. The color of the flames. If the color of the flames is yellow at the ends, this is a sign that there is too much oxygen which also can be caused by a block.
  3. Notice oxidization on your pipes? When green fuzz starts to appear on pipes, this means that you likely have copper sulfates building up. 


All of these signs point toward the need for gas appliance maintenance and should be taken seriously. Homeowners should make sure they lookout for these signs on a regular basis so that they can take immediate action if needed. We are all in favor of gas fireplaces as long as they are taken care of! Ensure your home is safe by scheduling regular maintenance checks.


Trust The Team At Chimney Cricket For All Of Your Gas Fireplace Maintenance Needs


The team at Chimney Cricket is professionally trained to take care of your fireplace restoration, repair, inspection, and sweeps. For over 35 years, our team has been the trusted chimney recourse provider in Wayne. We specialize in all things chimneys and can make sure that your home is safe from harm. We are passionate about taking on any chimney challenge or question that you may have. 


We Are The Go-To Provider For All Of Your Chimney Needs In Wayne


The next time you find yourself searching for the gas appliance services provider near me, do not hesitate to reach out to Chimney Cricket if we were the team that installed your gas appliance! Give us a call at 610.833.1034 to speak with a representative who will schedule an appointment with one of our professionals. Allow Chimney Cricket to become part of your home maintenance crew. We look forward to hearing from you!

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