Gas Stoves & Logs

Gas hearth products have become very popular in recent years. The improved convenience and efficiency, along with the attractive styling and realistic flames available today, make gas hearth units extremely desirable.

Gas Stoves

A stand alone gas stove is a great option when building a new home or an addition on your home. A heat resistant hearth is installed and a special double-walled metal chimney can be installed out the side of the home. In some circumstances a stand-alone stove can be tied into an existing, unused chimney- as long as the flue is properly sized to ensure safe ventilation.There are many highly efficient and attractive gas-burning stoves on the market today.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

A gas fireplace insert retrofits an existing firebox with a convenient and efficient gas unit. Inserts are a particularly helpful option when you must downsize your flue because it has deteriorated and has gaps where heat and flue gases can escape into the chimney and living spaces of your home. If an insert is installed without the proper flue size, large quantities of creosote can accumulate.

Gas Logs

Gas logs are a great option for conversion of an existing wood burning fireplace.


Chimney Cricket provides installation and service for a full-line of gas hearth products. We install Napoleon, Enviro, Majestic, and Vermont Castings products.

Let our knowledgeable technicians work with you to determine the best type of gas unit for your home.

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