Water Issues

Did you know that your chimney is a dynamic part of your home? It is under the constant influence of weather and time (externally) and drastic temperature changes and caustic substances (internally).

Chimney Water Issues

Maybe you’ve noticed a pesky stain on an interior wall or ceiling that paint alone hasn’t fixed. Or perhaps you’re finding small puddles on your basement floor or have noticed a musty smell in an upstairs bedroom.

Water intrusion can lead to:

  1. Odors in the home
  2. Mold and mildew to grow inside the chimney flue and beyond
  3. Premature deterioration of the chimney liner
  4. Failure of the chimney’s mortar joints (both stone and brick)
  5. Failure of adjacent interior building materials

All chimneys are in a constant state of deterioration and will leak at some point. Chimney Cricket’s proven method of inspecting, diagnosing and repairing water issues has been satisfying customers for over 35 years. Our 31 point inspection examines your chimney for design, workmanship and wear and tear issues. From that inspection we generate solutions to address any issues we find. If repairs are necessary, we provide you with options that best fit your needs.

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The path to water issue resolution includes:


  1. Find the issue

We have a 31 point chimney inspection designed to find the root cause of your water issue.

  1. Improve Design

We will work to re-direct the flow of water away from the chimney structure. This could be as simple as a multi-flue cap with a built-in drip edge or a sealed chimney crown. We will propose a comprehensive solution to fit your specific chimney needs, great or small.

  1. Protect the Chimney

Masonry and stone chimneys are naturally porous. With time and exposure to the elements these types of chimney retain water, creating even more structural damage when the freeze-thaw cycle begins. To protect the chimney, we do not seal it, but instead use water repellant. A repellant allows the chimney to breathe and evaporate condensation while at the same time channeling water quickly away from the structure. This gives rain less of an opportunity to penetrate the porous mortar and brick.

Why do you need a Chimney Professional to deal with water issues on your chimney?

The chimney serves the important function of removing toxic gases and smoke from your home by utilizing the physics of draft. This process is delicate and can be negatively affected if the wrong solution is applied to a chimney. A chimney professional will understand the nuances between your water issue and the design of the chimney and it’s parts.  A certified chimney professional will utilize the methods and materials that are standard for the trade, improving your chimney health and safety while complying with proper building codes. Well intended handyman solutions to a chimney problem can put the homeowner at risk to their health, property and life.

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