Fireplace Restoration

Our fireplace repair and restoration team carefully considers the unique design and condition of your chimney to give you a product that will keep your fireplace venting safer, cleaner and more efficiently and bring you the best hearth experience possible.

Fireplace Restoration

A fireplace is a system designed to heat a home by safely containing a fire within the home and conveying the products of combustion up the chimney. The fireplace consists of a solid foundation, strong enough to support the extreme weight of the fireplace system. A hearth and firebox to contain the fire itself, built to withstand a persistent environment of high temperatures.A smoke chamber designed and built to produce sufficient upward draw on the products of combustion. A passageway or flue to convey those dangerous gases and materials away from the home. And a chimney to contain the flue and to protect it from the weather and the home from the flue products.

Over time and with exposure to weather and the products of combustion, the fireplace system can fail at one or multiple points. A failure at any point is in need of immediate repair if the system is to stay in use. A multi-point failure made require a bigger decision in order to restore safe use.

The Chimney Cricket team combines competent craftsmanship with practical understanding of the thermodynamics of chimneys. Let our team work with you to restore or design a system that is both efficient and beautiful. With bundling of services we can find a cost-effective solution for your chimney problem.

Let us help you with your Fireplace Restoration.

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