• Info made available by: “Fireplace and Home Fire Safety” US Fire Administration and FEMA, October 22, 2012. Web November 29, 2012. Heating fires account for 36% of residential home fires in rural areas every year. Often these fires are due to creosote buildup in chimneys and stovepipes. All home
  • This week is National Chimney Safety Week. Because regular chimney inspections are such a key component to operating any indoor heating system safely, today we are defining the differences between the 3 chimney inspections levels. Have you had your annual chimney inspection yet this year? Fall = Chimney LovePhoto source
  • As we roll the calendar over to October today, I wonder what it is that makes us feel so comforted and cozy as the warm summer sun gives way to crisp fall breezes. Whatever it is, I love it! As you begin to unpack that fall decorating box, here are
  • Cracked and Missing Chimney Crown The top of a chimney is called a crown or a ” wash”  It is the most important part of the chimney when considering exterior maintenance because it is a collection point for water. If it does not have good integrity (ie. cracks, missing pieces)
  • Home heating season is underway! Now that the home heating season is underway, it’s critical to have your chimney inspected and swept. Who is the company you called last time? Delaware County’s favorite chimney sweep! If you can’t remember their name, a great place to look is the Chimney Safety
  • To honor those who have fallen and thank those who continue to run in to danger to rescue those in need. Let us not forget or take for granted the sacrifices made.
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